Our Leadership

Our Team’s Mission

Is to save lives.

We believe that something must be done to reduce the number of victims of violence and active shooter incidents.  Our team has one goal – to partner with your organization to save lives. Our trainers have the background and skills to teach your leadership how to avoid an active shooter situation and to equip everyone at your organization to know what to do if it happens. We partner with organizations to plan on saving lives.

Our Leadership

Is uniquely qualified for active shooter training.

We have studied shooters. We know how they think. We have dedicated our lives to stopping them. All of our instructors have the experience, knowledge, leadership, commitment, dedication, and passion necessary to make your business or organization as safe as possible.

Our People Empower Yours 

Orvel Ronk, Active Shooter Training Consultant

Orvel Ronk

Founder, Principal Instructor

Orvel Ronk educates and trains organizations on how to reduce the risk of violence and active shooter incidents. Prior to founding Ronk Security Solutions, Orvel worked as a civilian in the Nations Capital for the Department of Defense, specializing in anti-terrorism, physical security, risk management, facility/security assessments and security planning, as well as active shooter mitigation, response and scenario training, after serving 20 years in the Marine Corps.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS with Department of Defense  

  • Active Shooter Program Manager

  • Antiterrorism Program Manager

  • Contingency Planning Program Manager

Jo Ronk, Active Shooter Training Consultant


Vice President

As a Marine Corps veteran and former Dept. of Defense civilian employee, Jo Ronk brings her military training, leadership skills, and workplace violence/active shooter training experience to effectively educate and train our clients.

“I focus on finding ways to help people think their way out of situations – your brain is your best asset. This is about saving lives for me. The “Mama Bear” in me drives us to shape our Ronk Security Solutions’ training for parents and schools to focus on prevention with emphasis on identifying indicators as a powerful tool in dealing with active shooter and workplace violence.”

Let Our Experience Save Lives

at your organization.