Reduce The Chances

of an active shooter event at your organization.

Active Shooter Training Company

No one can predict when and where another shooting will happen, but with education and training, organizations can take steps to reduce the risk of a shooting happening to them.

We educate and train organizations on how to reduce the risk of workplace violence or an active shooter incident, how to react if one does happen, how to reduce or eliminate potential loss of life, and design a customized recovery plan.  We’ll equip your organization with comprehensive active shooter training so that your people have the tools to be proactive and reduce the chances of an incident.

Empower Your People

to mitigate active shooters. Start a conversation about making your organization safer.

We Take a 3 Tiered Approach

to your organizations safety.

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Our Active Shooter Training

We take a unique 3 tiered approach to active shooter training.  Our team focuses our efforts on helping you reduce the chances of an event taking place at your organization, teaches you life-saving tools in case something does happen, and delivers expertise for after an event.

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“We had Ronk Security Solutions come in to not only do a training with our staff but a parent meeting as well — we were very impressed and pleased with their professionalism, ability to work with multiple groups of stakeholders, and their knowledge of the subject matter! I highly recommend RSS to come in and if nothing else, conduct a review of your security plans/measures. Lives may depend on it!”

Brad Jacobs, Superintendent, Inland Lakes Schools

“Excellent trainer, obviously an expert in his field; practical sessions were intense and engaging. Ronk Security Solutions provided an informative, eye-opening service that instilled confidence in our Security Force and our client! Orvel and his team are seasoned dedicated professionals that provide real-life situations in a controlled training environment and exceeded my expectations!”

Frank J. Polievka, Jr., Vice President of Operations / FSO The COGAR Group, Ltd.