Active Shooter at BusinessEven though the coronavirus has been the major headline, unfortunately other bad events are still happening as well, such as active shooter events.  Here are 5 reasons you should be concerned about an active shooter event occurring at your business during the COVID-19 recovery.

  1. Financial Hardship. The COVID-19 pandemic created financial hardships that will have a tremendous effect on many people.  Job loss is considered one of the top stressors in someones life.  Having a loss of income and increased debt, caused by something they feel was not in their control, will cause anger, fear, and frustration.  Employees that were furloughed and are now back at work may have many of these same feelings.
  2. Domestic problems. Changes in routine, financial hardship, not being able to see other family members, and the inability to leave your house for other than essential needs can very easily create domestic problems that can spill over into the workplace.
  3. You were an essential business. You may have been an essential business that remained open during the pandemic so some essential workers reported to work but other workers teleworked.  This could cause tension when the teleworking employees start returning to the workplace.
  4. Workforce reductions. Due to restrictions such as social distancing in the workplace many companies, particularly manufacturing facilities, will need to adjust their facility to accommodate the new restrictions. This could result in a business having to reduce their workforce.
  5. A safe working environment is still a top priority. It’s the right thing to do for the people that keep your business open every day!