Active Shooter Training

In-Person Active Shooter Training & Contingency Planning

We take a unique three-tiered approach to your organization’s safety.

Our team focuses on

  • reducing the chances of ever having an active shooter incident
  • building a customized fire-drill style approach to reacting
  • giving your organization important tools for recovering.

We work with your organization to provide in-person active shooter training to ensure that your facility has a complete plan to avoid loss of life.

Plan to Save Lives

Active Shooter Training Consulting Company

Be Proactive, REDUCE the Chances.

Our team reduces the chances by going beyond lone wolf stereotypes and educating your leadership team on important warning signs of a potential active shooter. We train them on what to look for and more importantly how to be proactive if they perceive a threat.

Our team also reduces the chances by providing an unbias third-party assessment of your facility. From there, we create a tailored, comprehensive program that gives the best options for your facility without causing it to feel unwelcoming.

Learn to REACT in a real situation.

Most of us don’t know what we would do. And that’s the problem — inactivity or indecision can cost lives! The answer is to equip your organization with education and training to make the best decision possible. Like a fire drill, our training gives your organization a plan and practice, in case an event takes place.

After building a highly customized plan, we educate everyone at your organization on the most effective ways to react and then reinforce the education with scenario training. Our proven program gives your company a plan and your employees the knowledge and confidence to take action.

Plan to RECOVER effectively.

After an event, your organization needs a plan to treat victims, survivors, and family members with the dignity and respect that they deserve. In order to begin to recover, your organization needs to navigate the next steps. Not knowing what to do can cause your organization to make serious missteps which can further traumatize family members and victims.  

We’ll pull together a recovery strategy and train your orgaziation on how to execute it. We’ll teach you how and when to speak with the media, how to get your people help, how to provide valuable assistance to family members, and the steps to getting your facility functioning again. You’ll have a complete plan to begin to recover.