Emergency Action Planning Solutions

Ronk Security Solutions offers the following services to keep you and your employees safe. We perform these services for Manufacturing Companies, Private Employers, Government Employers, Event and Sporting Venues, Schools and Colleges, Law Enforcement, Religious Institutions, and other organizations. Most services can be performed in-person and virtually online.

Emergency Action Plan & Training

Ronk Security Solutions will perform a thorough assessment of your facilities and develop a detailed report including:

  • Command/management and control for protocols during an emergency
  • How to handle media relations immediately following an emergency
  • Emergency evacuation and shelter
  • Notifications and communications
  • Essential training for employees (e.g., in the event of a fire, accident, medical emergency, bomb threat, and more.)

Ronk Security Solutions will provide security consulting as needed for any questions you want to email, text, or call for our input.

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Active Shooter Training

Don’t wait until tragedy strikes!

Take steps today to reduce the chances of a catastrophic  active shooter event at your organization.

No one can predict when and where another shooting will happen, but with education and training, organizations can take steps to reduce the risk of a shooting happening to them.

We educate and train organizations on how to reduce the risk of workplace violence or an active shooter incident, how to react if one does happen, how to reduce or eliminate potential loss of life, and design a customized recovery plan.  We’ll equip your organization with comprehensive active shooter training so that your people have the tools to be proactive and reduce the chances of an incident.

The training team focuses on:

  • Recognizing and reporting warning signs to reduce the chances of an active shooter event at your business. We will cover the difference between normal and suspicious behavior.
  • Reacting to an active shooter so that you can greatly increase your chance of survival in the first few minutes, designed for people not carrying a firearm.
  • How to efficiently recover by planning for the recovery process.

We work with your organization to provide on-site, in-person active shooter training to ensure that your facility has a complete plan to avoid loss of life.

Ronk Security Solutions will provide security consulting as needed for any questions you want to email, text, or call for our input.

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Facility Security Assessment

While we’re preforming an Emergency Action Plan, for a small additional fee, we will also provide a Facility Security Assessment. This includes our performing a walk-through of your facility, identifying where additional cameras should be placed, which entrances might need to be secured, and much more.

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